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Let your heart decide

Jasmine follows her heart and finds a whole new world awaits. Here, fairy tale wishes take flight and happily ever after becomes the greatest adventure. This enchanting collection reflects Jasmine’s bohemian style and just a touch of wanderlust.

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The Jasmine Collection

D314 - Jasmine

D314 Jasmine 03

3-D Floral Appliques

D314 Jasmine 06

D324 - Jasmine

D324 Jasmine 03

Sheer Illusion Cutouts

D324 Jasmine 02

DP304 - Jasmine

DP304 Jasmine 05

Beaded Cuff Sleeves

DP304 Jasmine 07

D284 - Jasmine

D284 Jasmine AD10

D294 - Jasmine

D294 Jasmine AD6

DP274 - Jasmine

DP274 Jasmine AD6

D264 - Jasmine

D264 Jasmine AD4

DP254 - Jasmine

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