[{"blog_title":"Walt Disney World Shows Off First Ever Disney Villains Inspired Wedding Gowns","blog_name":"Walt Disney World Shows Off First Ever Disney Villains Inspired Wedding Gowns","blog_short_description":"","initials":"AB","publish_date":"Thu, 08 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000","horizontal_image":"https://images.ctfassets.net/y49u4slmhh3t/2QQ5mzfafJ5rz2kb3Yt1uS/cee10799646c4ee91132ba8cdc2fd99b/DVL11-Maleficent-15.jpg","vertical_image":"https://images.ctfassets.net/y49u4slmhh3t/5E4GhAbuG72YfNybOWOg8X/52163acd588f6b639ca5cfd184535a9d/DVL11-Maleficent-07.jpg"},{"sys":{"id":"nLj5l7gMjMhQmV6mMJHdA","spaceId":"y49u4slmhh3t","environmentId":"d0a4f5a2-0400-4d08-bd10-7a206ad214db","publishedAt":"2024-02-08T16:12:47.540Z","firstPublishedAt":"2024-02-08T14:00:02.426Z","publishedVersion":26},"gown":null,"tuxedos":null,"title":"Walt Disney World Shows Off First Ever Disney Villains Inspired Wedding Gowns","slug":"walt-disney-world-shows-off-first-ever-disney-villains-inspired-wedding","sortingDate":"2024-02-08T00:00:00.000Z","headline":"2024 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection from Allure Bridals includes Four Disney Villains Inspired Gowns Available Starting Today","initials":"AB","author":"Allure Bridals","tags":["News + Press"],"contentfulMetadata":{"tags":[]},"headlineImage":{"title":"DVL11-Maleficent-15","description":"","contentType":"image/jpeg","fileName":"DVL11-Maleficent-15.jpg","size":1456711,"url":"https://images.ctfassets.net/y49u4slmhh3t/2QQ5mzfafJ5rz2kb3Yt1uS/cee10799646c4ee91132ba8cdc2fd99b/DVL11-Maleficent-15.jpg","width":1613,"height":1075},"thumbnailImage":{"title":"DVL11-Maleficent-07","description":"","contentType":"image/jpeg","fileName":"DVL11-Maleficent-07.jpg","size":1155656,"url":"https://images.ctfassets.net/y49u4slmhh3t/5E4GhAbuG72YfNybOWOg8X/52163acd588f6b639ca5cfd184535a9d/DVL11-Maleficent-07.jpg","width":1613,"height":1075},"bodyCopy":{"json":{"nodeType":"document","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"paragraph","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"text","value":"LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. ","marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"data":{}},{"nodeType":"text","value":"(Feb. 8, 2024) – They’re some of Disney’s most popular characters, and now Disney Villains’ characters inspire new gowns that are part of the 2024 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings collection from Allure Bridals. Blending sophisticated style and touches of whimsy, the dresses are inspired by Disney’s Ursula, Maleficent, the evil Queen and Jafar. ","marks":[],"data":{}}]},{"nodeType":"paragraph","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"text","value":"The new dresses are as versatile as they are romantic, each evoking themes from beloved Disney stories and highlighting iconic details and colorful accents from each of the character’s looks. All four styles are available now and come in either a black or ivory colorway, starting at $2,000.","marks":[],"data":{}}]},{"nodeType":"paragraph","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"text","value":" The gown inspired by Disney’s Ursula features a mermaid silhouette adorned with tonal sparkle beadwork on the bodice. Emulating Ursula's dramatic flair, the gown is available in ivory or black, with detachable sheer sleeves that boast ruffled detailing at the cuffs.","marks":[],"data":{}}]},{"nodeType":"paragraph","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"text","value":"Embodying the essence of Disney’s Maleficent, brides can opt for a fitted sheath gown in black and green. The gown is embellished with shimmering green velvet and delicate lace appliques, layered over black organza. Alternatively, the ivory version offers chiffon lace accents for a softer touch.","marks":[],"data":{}}]},{"nodeType":"paragraph","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"text","value":"Inspired by the Villain from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the evil Queen-inspired gown is adorned with linear lace, 3D floral embellishments, beads, and sequins delicately scattered over tulle. The sheath silhouette features a sweetheart neckline leading into a peaked bodice, complemented by eye-catching embroidery. Available in black, ivory, or gold, the gown is completed with a wrapped ruffle shawl for added elegance.","marks":[],"data":{}}]},{"nodeType":"paragraph","data":{},"content":[{"nodeType":"text","value":"Befitting a grand vizier of Agrabah, the gown inspired by Disney’s Jafar is offered in either a subtle ivory or a bold black. It features a plunging neckline reminiscent of Jafar's notable collar, accentuated by a satin collar of its own. Adding a touch of sophistication, the bodice is tailored with a nod to menswear and paired with lightly puffed full-length sleeves with buttoned cuffs.","marks":[],"data":{}}]}]},"links":{"assets":{"hyperlink":[],"block":[]}}},"contentBlocksCollection":{"total":9,"skip":0,"limit":50,"items":[{"__typename":"BlockElementCopyBlock","blockName":"2024 Disney Princess-Inspired Gown Collection","slug":"2024-disney-princess-inspired-gown-collection","bodyCopy":"The 2024 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection also includes gowns inspired by Disney Princess characters – Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. Each dress evokes the spirit of its namesake with a blend of elegance and fun.\n\nThe 18 gowns, two for each princess character, are adorned with countless details and feature innovative fabrics, including a signature sparkle tulle on a Jasmine-inspired gown and a laser-cut whimsical lace design on soft satin to adorn a Rapunzel-inspired style. A Disney Cinderella-inspired ballgown offers a unique platinum colorway, with metallic-backed Chantilly lace and unique beaded lace appliques. For those looking to capture the spirit of the Jazz Age, the Disney Tiana-inspired look emphasizes a glamorous style, shimmering with thousands of beads and sequins.\n\nDisney and Allure Bridals launched their first sophisticated bridal line in 2020, offering stunning, on-trend gowns that showcase the style and spirit of beloved Disney Princess characters. Four years later, Allure Bridals offers options that can transform a bride’s look, such as the detachable overskirts available on a selection of gowns. In addition, the Disney Aurora and Tiana gowns both feature detachable sleeves for a chic, transitional option from aisle to reception. With exquisite details such as ethereal puff sleeves and dreamy accessories like custom veils and delicate tulle flowers, this new Disney collection offers many style options for brides.\n\nThe Disney Princess inspired bridal gowns are available in sizes 0 to 30, starting at $1,799, and are available to purchase at all authorized Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection [retailers](https://allurebridals.com/retail-finder/). Couples can visit [https://allurebridals.com/retail-finder/](https://allurebridals.com/retail-finder/) to find their nearest retailer. "},{"__typename":"BlockElementSpacer24Px","title":"Spacer 24px","insertASpacer":true},{"__typename":"BlockElementCopyBlock","blockName":"Dazzling New EPCOT Wedding Venue","slug":"dazzling-new-epcot-wedding-venue","bodyCopy":"Couples looking for a truly unforgettable wedding venue can choose from more than 100 immersive themed locations at Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and other locations around the world. The newest of these locations is World Celebration Gardens, which is in the heart of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It is available to book for private, after-hours ceremonies and receptions taking place January 2025 and beyond.\n\nAs a wedding venue, the gardens evolve from gorgeous to jaw-dropping with a unique lighting display that sparkles on Spaceship Earth, the 18-story geosphere and EPCOT icon that provides a backdrop for World Celebration Gardens. A custom lighting enhancement features dazzling lights and changing color patterns all choreographed to music, creating a moment that happy couples and their guests will cherish forever."},{"__typename":"BlockElementSpacer24Px","title":"Spacer 24px","insertASpacer":true},{"__typename":"BlockElementCopyBlock","blockName":"A New Coach Fit for Royalty at Disneyland Resort","slug":"a-new-coach-fit-for-royalty-at-disneyland-resort","bodyCopy":"Couples getting married at Disneyland Resort in California can elevate their wedding experience by booking the new Cinderella Platinum Coach for their events beginning in March 2024 and beyond.\n\nThe newest coach is adorned with details inspired by Disney’s classic love story “Cinderella,” featuring a pumpkin canopy and an interior shrouded in delicate vines with more than 75 hand-shaped leaves. It will round out the trio of carriages that includes the Cinderella Coach at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disney Fairy Tale Carriage at Disneyland Paris.\n\nTo learn more about the new bridal collections, visit [www.allurebridals.com](https://www.allurebridals.com). For information on how couples can book a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or vow renewal, visit DisneyWeddings.com."},{"__typename":"BlockElementSpacer24Px","title":"Spacer 24px","insertASpacer":true},{"__typename":"BlockElementCopyBlock","blockName":"About Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons:","slug":"about-disneys-fairy-tale-weddings-and-honeymoons","bodyCopy":"Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons is a global brand making dreams come true for more than 30 years. It offers enchanting destinations for weddings, vow renewals, honeymoons, engagements, and anniversaries. The brand is also a global industry leader, providing fashion, jewelry, and other products, as well as inspiration from dedicated programs streaming on Disney+. Couples that work with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons will find a team dedicated to unmatched wedding-planning services and the desire to make wedding dreams a reality. For more information, visit DisneyWeddings.com or follow @DisneyWeddings on social media."},{"__typename":"BlockElementSpacer24Px","title":"Spacer 24px","insertASpacer":true},{"__typename":"BlockElementCopyBlock","blockName":"About Allure Bridals:","slug":"about-allure-bridals","bodyCopy":"Allure Bridals, the award-winning bridal and formalwear industry powerhouse, boasts more than two decades of standout bridal and formalwear design. Renowned for exceptional artisanship, attention to detail, and innovative design, the Allure collection of brands offers bridal and formalwear for every aesthetic and sensibility – all crafted with care, holding to the core values of a family-owned and operated company. Allure Bridals: For Your Forever. For more information, visit AllureBridals.com and follow them on Instagram at @AllureBridals, on TikTok at tiktok.com/@allurebridals, and on Pinterest at pinterest.com/AllureBridals. "}]}}]