Wilderly Bride Dresses

Effortless and Adventurous. For the Wilderly Bride, life and love are the ultimate adventures. Effortless styling and fluid, airy fabrics are the hallmarks of the Wilderly line — a carefree collection for the wandering spirit. Experience the ethereal essence of nature woven into the very fabric of our Wilderly bride dresses. In our nature-inspired dresses, delicate details and flowing silhouettes echo the tranquility and untamed allure of the great outdoors. Embrace the captivating allure of the Wilderly collection, where love and nature intertwine to create an unforgettable bridal ensemble perfectly tailored for the wild-at-heart bride. Let Allure Bridals be your guide as you embark on a journey to celebrate love amidst the natural splendor of the world. Fill your wedding day with the grace, beauty, and untamable spirit of Mother Nature when you shop the Wilderly bride dresses at your local Allure Bridals retailer.

Wilderly Bride Dresses
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    • F242 - Arly

      F242 - Arly

      Utterly timeless, with a subtle sensuality in design, Arly’s minimalism is beautifully offset by a offset by a silky cowl neck.
    • F240 - Blakely

      F240 - Blakely

      Inspired by 1960s halter silhouettes, Blakeley features soft sheet lace and a surprise illusion back.
    • F239 - Andi

      F239 - Andi

      Feathery lace appliqués cover the illusion sleeves and overlay of the Andi gown.
    • F238 - Hope

      F238 - Hope

      Delicately romantic, Hope features a myriad of lace appliqués over layers of soft tulle.
    • F236 - Regan

      Slip on the sheer sleeves or leave Regan as a strappy A-line gown perfect for an outdoor wedding.
    • F235 - Justina

      F235 - Justina

      Springs of ivy trail across the sheer blouson covering of Justina’s bodice.
    • F234 - August

      F234 - August

      Dramatic bell sleeves are optional but definitely suggested to accent the lacy beauty of our August gown.
    • F233 - Lexi

      F233 - Lexi

      The Lexi gown features detachable off-shoulder straps and lace appliqués with glimmering pearl accents.
    • F231 - Blair

      F231 - Blair

      With a sheer butterfly back and ethereal illusion sleeves, Blair is pure magic.
    • F227 - Lila

      F227 - Lila

      Romantic lace leaves and flowers scatter across the illusion sleeves and bodice of this A-line gown.
    • F226SL - Charli Sleeve

      F226SL - Charli Sleeve

      The Charli statement sleeve is not only gorgeous but adds the most romantic effect to any strapless bridal look.