Wilderly Bride Dresses

Effortless and Adventurous. For the Wilderly Bride, life and love are the ultimate adventures. Effortless styling and fluid, airy fabrics are the hallmarks of the Wilderly line — a carefree collection for the wandering spirit. Experience the ethereal essence of nature woven into the very fabric of our Wilderly bride dresses. In our nature-inspired dresses, delicate details and flowing silhouettes echo the tranquility and untamed allure of the great outdoors. Embrace the captivating allure of the Wilderly collection, where love and nature intertwine to create an unforgettable bridal ensemble perfectly tailored for the wild-at-heart bride. Let Allure Bridals be your guide as you embark on a journey to celebrate love amidst the natural splendor of the world. Fill your wedding day with the grace, beauty, and untamable spirit of Mother Nature when you shop the Wilderly bride dresses at your local Allure Bridals retailer.

Wilderly Bride Dresses
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    • F302 - Jenny

      F302 - Jenny

      A corset-inspired laced back contrasts beautifully with Jenny's high-contrast lace and delicately puffed sleeves.
    • F301 - Swift

      F301 - Swift

      Ethereal chiffon not only provides fluidity and romance, but a playfully throwback 70s silhouette to Swift's gorgeous look.
    • F300 - Billie

      F300 - Billie

      Matte lace provides a high contrast, texturizing element to the strappy, romantic Billie gown.
    • F293 - Patsy

      F293 - Patsy

      Blush blossoms with hearts of crimson, encircled by sage green leaves, are embroidered across Patsy’s translucent Chantilly lace overdress.
    • F292 - June

      F292 - June

      Finished with a stunning open back, our classic June gown pairs elegant lace and long sleeves with a traditional tulle ballgown skirt.
    • F291 - Wynonna

      F291 - Wynonna

      Tied at the wrist, Wynonna’s playful detachable puffed sleeves are a pop of personality for this gorgeous lace gown.
    • F290 - Faith

      F290 - Faith

      Supple, fluid crepe chiffon brings mobility to Faith’s sweet A-line silhouette; the gown is accented by a strapless lace bodice, complemented by a sweetheart neckline.
    • F289 - Allison

      F289 - Allison

      Rows of fringe along Allison’s waist, neckline and back add texture and edge to the romance of the A-line gown’s traditional lace.
    • F288 - Kacey

      F288 - Kacey

      Detachable puffed sleeves take our Kacey crepe sheath from beautiful to unforgettable.
    • F287 - Gretchen

      F287 - Gretchen

      A split sleeve and matte sheet lace combine to give Gretchen romantic, vintage appeal.
    • F286 - Maren

      F286 - Maren

      Slim straps and a ruffle-edged effect lend Maren femininity, romance and delicacy. Features detachable lace sleeves.
    • F285 - Reba

      F285 - Reba

      A modified, softened sweetheart neckline adorns Reba’s all-over lace sheath; for an additional touch of drama, the detachable train features vintage-inspired puffed sleeves and oversized lace appliqués.