Bridal Accessories

No two brides are the same, so why should any two bridal gowns be the same? With the sophisticated collection of bridal accessories at Allure Bridals, you can personalize your look and create a wedding gown that shows your guests exactly who you are.  

With Allure accessories, you can ensure your bridal look is complete, whether you choose a classic veil, detachable train, or dramatic bridal cape. Our wedding dress add-ons are the perfect way to make your dress fit the season, venue, or theme of your wedding. Find our recommended wedding dress accessories for your specific gown, or simply look around to see which veils, trains, or jackets catch your eye. With so many beautiful bridal accessories available, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your big day.   

Bridal Accessories
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    • DV20


      Dimensional lace appliques, inspired by the apple blossoms from Snow White's story, adorn the bottom of this cathedral-length veil.
    • DV18


      Inspired by Princess Jasmine, this cathedral-length veil has scalloped lace edging along the bottom hem.
    • DV17


      Tonal beadwork and scrolling appliques adorn the bottom of this Cinderella-inspired cathedral-length veil.
    • DV16


      An iconic rose motif is scattered on this glitter brocade cathedral-length veil.
    • DV15


      Rose-inspired floral appliques are scattered along the bottom of this Belle-inspired cathedral-length veil.
    • DV13


      Beautiful scrollwork inspired by the intricate details of Cinderella's carriage adorns the entire hem of this cathedral-length veil.
    • DV05


      Dimensional apple-blossom lace accents the bottom of this cathedral-length veil - a coordinating accessory to the Snow White-inspired DP275 Platinum Gown.
    • DV04


      Silver embroidery and crystal beadwork adorn the bottom of this cathedral-length veil - a perfect match to the Jasmine-inspired DP274 Platinum gown.
    • DV03


      Intricate silver embroidery adords the hem of this cathedral-length veil - designed to coordinate with the Cinderella-inspired DP273 Platinum gown.