Samantha + Douglas' Wedding

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Samanthadouglas feat

It may still be peak winter, but on this Wedding Wednesday we’re featuring Samantha + Douglas’s wedding, which includes all the pastel spring hues you could possibly desire, photographed by Belle Ombre Photography. Samantha fell in love with a never-before-seen outdoor venue: a bridge in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The results? Pure magic.

Samantha opted for an A-line gown from our sister collection, Wilderly Bride. Whether you’re a mix of classic and bohemian like today’s lovely bride, a traditionalist, or all about the sparkle and drama — find the dress of your dreams in one of the Allure collections.

Samanthadouglas 1
Samanthadouglas 3
Samanthadouglas 2
Samanthadouglas 4
Samanthadouglas 7
Samanthadouglas 6
Samanthadouglas 5
Samanthadouglas 8
Samanthadouglas 12
Samanthadouglas 10
Samanthadouglas 9
Samanthadouglas 11
Samanthadouglas 13
Samanthadouglas 15
Samanthadouglas 14
Samanthadouglas 16
Samanthadouglas 22
Samanthadouglas 17
Samanthadouglas 21
Samanthadouglas 20
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Samanthadouglas 19
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Samanthadouglas 28
Samanthadouglas 29

Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!