Maui Pride Month // Styled Shoot

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Pridemonth feature

"Aloha from Maui, Hawaii,” greeted wedding planner Sherron Lawrence-Daniels.

"Here on Maui we embrace all things love or, as we call it, ‘Aloha.' This shoot centers around the importance of inclusivity...All love is equal. All love is deserving. No matter what one’s sexual or gender orientation is they deserve love, freedom to love, and respect.

"This shoot is inspired by the Divine Feminine. Beauty inspired by nature. All things soft yet strong. Beautiful yet powerful. Intuitive yet sensual. The Divine Feminine is the warrior and the healer all in one. With this shoot we celebrate her, we celebrate love, and we celebrate our LGBTQ+ couples.”

Enjoy the lush Hawaiian backdrop of this styled shoot, and Happy Pride Month! Click here and here to see more details of the two gowns used in the shoot.

Pridemonth 1
Pridemonth 5
Pridemonth 4
Pridemonth 2
Pridemonth 3
Pridemonth 6
Pridemonth 7
Pridemonth 8
Pridemonth 9
Pridemonth 10
Pridemonth 12
Pridemonth 11
Pridemonth 20
Pridemonth 14
Pridemonth 18
Pridemonth 17
Pridemonth 16
Pridemonth 15
Pridemonth 19
Pridemonth 21
Pridemonth 22

Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!