Mavi + Corina's Wedding

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

Mavicorina feat

"The day all my pieces came together and love conquered all,” said today’s featured Wedding Wednesday bride, Mavi. "The universe always has a way of making things happen and this love was truly manifested. The day was magical and love was at the forefront of it all, our closest family and friends gathered to watch us become one and start this new chapter of our lives.

"Arizona desert landscape, boho vibes, it was everything we could’ve envisioned and more. Corina and I are hopeful to inspire others to be their true authentic selves and love with intention and wholeheartedly. We are thankful everyday to have one another as each other’s life partner and demonstrate to the world love truly is love.”

With a jaw-dropping sienna, rust and gold desert palette, a gorgeous Madison James gown and this gallery from photographer Meg Brooke, you can’t go wrong. Congratulations to Mavi + Corina and happy Wedding Wednesday!

Photographer: Meg Brooke Photography | Gown: Madison James MJ420

Mavicorina 1
Mavicorina 3
Mavicorina 2
Mavicorina 4
Mavicorina 5
Mavicorina 6
Mavicorina 7
Mavicorina 8
Mavicorina 9
Mavicorina 10
Mavicorina 11
Mavicorina 12
Mavicorina 13
Mavicorina 14
Mavicorina 15
Mavicorina 16
Mavicorina 17
Mavicorina 18
Mavicorina 19
Mavicorina 20
Mavicorina 21
Mavicorina 22
Mavicorina 23
Mavicorina 24
Mavicorina 25
Mavicorina 26
Mavicorina 27
Mavicorina 28
Mavicorina 29
Mavicorina 30
Mavicorina 31
Mavicorina 32
Mavicorina 33
Mavicorina 34

Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!