Lacey + Trevor's Wedding

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Laceytrevor feat

Today we get to hear about Lacey + Trevor’s beautiful wedding from photographer Megan Kay!

"Lacey and Trevor originally had plans for a large ballroom wedding, but, due to coronavirus, had to downsize and move their wedding to the backyard of Lacey's childhood home. They had dreamiest, most intimate outdoor ceremony complete with elegant and nostalgic string lighting! They met through a mutual friend and both have a love for the game of football. Lacey was a longtime cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys while Trevor was a quarterback for OU, Texas A&M and even had a career in the NFL.

"In their scaled-down ceremony, they weren’t able to invite as many people as they had originally planned, but this change of plans left room for some sentimental details that never would have come about otherwise – like a sweet wooden altar and cross that Trevor and Lacey’s built together just for the wedding! As a young girl, Lacey used to tell her dad that she would get married in their backyard, so even though it was not a part of the original plan, in a way, it was still a dream come true.”

For Lacey’s dress details, click here!

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Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!