Imani + Aaron's Wedding

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

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Today’s Wedding Wednesday comes from photographer Beanie Dale: “Imani + Aaron’s wedding was a mix of modern and classic. Aesthetically the day was stylish and clean-cut, but it had a warmth about it, like it was homemade — which, in fact it was, as family and friends had been converted to florists, hair stylists and makeup artists! Unsure if they were even going to be allowed to have any guests in attendance due to Covid-19, Imani considered cancelling having a photographer all together and not even wearing her stunning wedding dress. Thankfully though, everything dropped into place last minute for a beautiful micro wedding.

"Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they opted for a registry office marriage and a cosy country pub reception. The room was beautifully decorated in fairy lights and flowers...The most unique part of Imani + Aaron’s day was the speeches — moved by the first few, more family members stood up to say a spontaneous word about Imani + Aaron. A granddad, an uncle, an old friend. Truly a couple that are deeply loved, which I’m sure helped filled the gap of the missing guests that day.

"Despite the setbacks, the more pricey details missing and the small number of guests, I don’t think I ever saw Imani + Aaron stop smiling the whole day. It was an absolute pleasure to capture such a resilient and down to earth couple.”

Click here to see more details of Imani’s Allure Romance gown!

Photography: Beanie Dale | Gown: Allure Romance 3311

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Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!