Erin + Amanda's Wedding

Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

Erinamanda feat

Erin + Amanda’s tell the story of their first date as a lobster dinner in Brooklyn — filled with laughter as they struggled to dissect a whole lobster together. As the wine poured, the conversation flowed and similarities and differences were acknowledged and appreciated. The date ended with a round of arcade games and the promise of many more dates on the horizon.

Amanda proposed to a surprised Erin during the New York Pride Parade, alongside a group of close friends. As Erin twirled to the music, Amanda proposed! Surrounded by friends and well-wishes, they hugged as cheers rang from friends and passersby filled the air.

Fast forward to: the sweetest wedding you ever did see. Enjoy the romantic captures from photographer Shelly Ferrell below!

Photography: Shelly Ferrell | Photography: @mpphotograpyy

Erinamanda 1
Erinamanda 3
Erinamanda 2
Erinamanda 4
Erinamanda 6
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Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!