Emily + Theron's Wedding

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Emilytheron feat

Today we’re delighted to bring you the story of Emily + Theron’s 11-day-long engagement.

Theron is a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force, proposing to Emily about two weeks after returned from his last deployment. “We were only engaged for 11 days,” said Emily. "I found my dress the day after he proposed. We decided to elope, because we are moving overseas. Because of this, the witnesses at our wedding were our photographers! On our wedding day I did my own hair and makeup, we checked into our hotel and then headed to the Spokane county courthouse. Afterward we went back to our hotel, ordered pizza and ate cake.

"It might sound like a really simple day, but to us it was perfect. We wanted the day to be about us and our love for each other.”

We know you’ll love the gallery from Caleb and Britt Photography — a talented pair who also happen to be excellent witnesses in courthouse weddings! For more dress details, click here.

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Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!