Daniele + Bradley's Wedding

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Danielebradley feat

"It was the most perfect day EVER!” declared today’s featured bride, Daniele.

"Our dreamy outdoor fall ceremony was flawless! Bradley and his family are from the UK, and unfortunately, they were unable to be there in person to celebrate with us due to Covid. However, they were able to join us through Zoom.

"After the ceremony, we enjoyed an English cuppa tea, tacos and margaritas, cake, and a ton of dancing! We truly enjoyed our whimsical day together with our family and friends.”

This Wedding Wednesday we wish all the best to Daniele + Bradley, and we’re ringing in September with the most gorgeous autumnal palette, featuring our bride in the Wilderly ‘Hazel’ gown!

Grab a ‘cuppa,’ get cozy and enjoy your scroll through the gallery from Dana Louise Photography.

Photography: Dana Louise Photography | Gown: Wilderly Bride ‘Hazel’

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Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!