Brittany + Connery's Wedding

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

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"Getting married on September 4th was meaningful for Brittany and Connery,” explained Lauren, our feature’d Wedding Wednesday couple’s wedding photographer. "Brittany’s grandparents wed this day in 1965, and Connery proposed in Mexico with her grandmother’s ring on this day in 2020. Brittany honored her late grandmother on their wedding day by dedicating a chair with her grandmother’s pill box fascinator she wore on her own wedding day.

"Connery was a chic groom, dressed in tailored Vera Wang with Yves Saint Laurent boots and his wedding band by Cartier. Brittany's Allure Bridal Disney Fairytale Wedding gown was a nod to her love of Disney. She wore Cinderella-like Gianni Bini heels and a Tiffany and Co. diamond wedding band to join her family heirloom engagement ring.

"Continuing the Disney touches, Brittany gifted her bridesmaid’s Coach x Keith Haring Mickey Mouse Slides to get comfortable in at the reception and they found a vintage Minnie & Mickey topper for their wedding cake."

We also love this beautiful quote from Connery, the groom: “I think what often happens is people get wrapped up in the next big moment, kids, trips, etc… I’m simply looking forward to the little things: going on a walk with my wife, having coffee looking at my ring then looking up at my wife, waking up, rolling over and simply saying, ‘wow look at my wife!’. The thing I’ve truly looked forward to my whole life is finding her - I’m complete now and honestly anything that comes after this, big or small, is simply the cherry on top.”

Sigh. Now that’s romance. Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Photography: Lauren Galloway, @laurengallowayphotography | Gown: Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Jasmine

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