Autumnal // Styled Shoot

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Autumnalstyledshoot feat

From the creative mind and lens of Lavinia + Louise Co. comes a styled shoot that will make you want to grab that PSL you know you want, snuggle up in your softest blanket and embrace fall to the fullest. The featured color palette and thoughtful details are reminiscent of crisp autumn leaves and the glowing yearend sunsets so beautiful they *almost* make up for losing an hour to Daylight Savings. Illinois bridal boutique Vayda Jane Bridal provided three perfect Allure looks for the event: this off-shoulder lace bridal gown, a perfectly fall goldenrod bridesmaids look and a gorgeous rust-toned gown to complete the palette.

Autumnalstyledshoot 1
Autumnalstyledshoot 3
Autumnalstyledshoot 2
Autumnalstyledshoot 4
Autumnalstyledshoot 5
Autumnalstyledshoot 6
Autumnalstyledshoot 7
Autumnalstyledshoot 8
Autumnalstyledshoot 9
Autumnalstyledshoot 11
Autumnalstyledshoot 10
Autumnalstyledshoot 12
Autumnalstyledshoot 13
Autumnalstyledshoot 14
Autumnalstyledshoot 16
Autumnalstyledshoot 15
Autumnalstyledshoot 17
Autumnalstyledshoot 19
Autumnalstyledshoot 18
Autumnalstyledshoot 20
Autumnalstyledshoot 21
Autumnalstyledshoot 22
Autumnalstyledshoot 23

Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!