Ashleigh + Joshua's Wedding

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

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Today’s bride, Ashleigh, described her wedding so sweetly: "Joshua and I met in math class our freshman year of college at Georgia Southern University so this was definitely a full circle moment for the both of us, nearly eight years after we first met. To make the occasion even sweeter, we were married by his father, Reverend Frank C. Brown.

The inspiration was 'old Hollywood' with a little touch of Great Gatsby. We had a three string ensemble playing throughout the ceremony and cocktail hours – and the most romantic flowers and decor accenting the room. Joshua has always purchased me red roses throughout our relationship, so it was only right that they were everywhere: his lapel, my bouquet, the table centerpieces, you name it!

It was a perfectly quaint wedding and everyone in attendance had a great time, including the staff who joined in on the fun! As a little girl, I never really thought much about what my wedding day would be like, nor had I ever been to one before my own but I can say that it was truly a fairytale moment that I'll always cherish.”

Browse the lovely photos from photographer Emily Matthewson and let Ashleigh + Joshua's wedding be the perfect coffee break this Wedding Wednesday.

For more gown details, click here!

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Want to see more details? Check out the gallery below!