Loan Sample Requests - UK

Loan Sample Request

If you are looking for a specific style to bring in for a bride, please read the following qualifications for using styles found in the loaner/trunk show sample inventory.

Lacking one or more of the qualifications listed below will immediately result in denial of any trunk show sample requests.

We will be happy to work with you to provide two (2) weeks of use of up to three (3) gowns at a time per their availability in our trunk show sample inventory for a fee of £15 + VAT per dress to cover FedEx Ground shipping to and from your store.

Before agreeing to ship out any samples, the Trunk Show Department will confirm that the requesting account does not have any existing warehouse stock in the same style. For example, if our warehouse is holding your shipment of a specific style, you will not be shipped the trunk show sample of that style. You must first receive your stock order for that style.

All accounts must be current and in good standing with the Allure Bridals Accounting Department. If your account meets all the above qualifications, complete and submit the Loan Sample for, and we will respond to your request within 48 hours.