Allure on Tour Designer Event Request Form

Beginning Fall 2022, we are updating our Trunk Shows to offer more personalized events for your store. Our goal is to work with you to plan a successful event, while also creating a memorable experience for the bride.

Please read the following qualifications to host an Allure on Tour Designer Event:

• Stores must place and receive minimum stock orders in the requested division on a year-round basis and take these pieces in a timely manner. (Fall and Spring)

• Stores must be in good standing with accounting. Any store with invoices aged over 60 days will not qualify.

• You are able to offer brides a 10% discount off MSRP only during your specified show dates.

Option 1

You can use your own samples to create an in-house event and we will send you a box of Allure Branded Merchandise for your brides and staff. We will still promote the show on our website and social media as normal, this cost will be $200.

Option 2

• You will receive a curated combination of 10 dresses from the newest season along with carryovers. The set will be selected with the help of a CSC. This will be a great opportunity to have new styles in-store, and also bring in any previous styles to test.

• Shows will last for two weekends instead of just one. This will allow you to close more sales and get a better idea of how the styles would perform in your store.

• The cost will be $400. This will cover the shipping of your 10 samples as well as a box of Allure branded merch for your brides and staff.