Vicky + Cameron's Wedding

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Vickycameron feature

"A little bit about the day —“ began photographer Laura Hamon. "Vicky was born in Kenya and was very intentional about keeping her beautiful Kenyan traditions at the forefront of her celebrations. She was actually reunited for the first time to family members who hadn’t seen her since she moved at 11 years old!

Their ceremony was RICH with emotion. Even I couldn’t contain the tears. Cameron’s love for Vicky was overwhelming to witness. We thought we would get rained out as gray clouds threatened, but not a drop fell on us! We were even able to sneak out of their reception and I was able to capture them dancing under the moonlight. Their love was effortless which made my job easy!”

Nothing makes us happier than to hear such beautiful stories from brides, grooms and photographers — that we were able to design a gown for such an amazing day. To see more of Vicky’s Wilderly Bride gown, click here. All our best wishes and congratulations to Vicky + Cameron on their marriage, and happy Wedding Wednesday!

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