Sarah + Micah's Wedding

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Sarahmicah feature

Today’s Wedding Wednesday feature is incredibly dreamy and romantic. And we’re thrilled to have Dakota Sims, the wedding photographer, describe Sarah + Micah’s special day.

"This wedding was so special to me because the couple had been together since they were just thirteen years old. This wedding day was long awaited by many, and I can assure you there was not a dry eye in the room during 'I do.'

Sarah and Micah were surrounded by their family and friends, and out of all the weddings I have attended, this group of guests stood out because everyone was dancing the whole dang night!

My personal favorite part of their wedding day was when Sarah was putting on her dress. While she was getting her hair and makeup done, she kept going into the room her dress was in just to see it.

I, her mother, sister, and bridesmaids were all in tears as she put her dress on.

Personally, I think that ever since Sarah and Micah were young, their whole life together was leading to this point and putting her dress on made it feel real. That yes, this is really finally happening! There was an overwhelming feeling of excitement and sweetness filling the room.”

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